Thursday, December 4, 2014

MetCon3 at Equinoxx

WOW!  I did a MetCon 3 class with Liane yesterday and what. a. fucking. awesome. workout!!!!!

I thought I sweat my ass off in Shred or Body Pump, but those classes have nothing on MetCon 3! Nothing!  Even in terms of intensity... I thought Shred was wicked and often hard at times but seriously, it's a piece of cake compared to yesterday.  I'm going to up my weights now when I go to Shred tomorrow at lunch because it's all mental.  And what a nice club too!  I guess for $200 a month, that's what you get.  Gorgeous club, nice, new equipment, use of equipment not allowed for use unless with a personal trainer at other gyms, eucalyptus infused refrigerated hand towels (which was awesome considering I've had a bit of a cold/sore throat thing going on this week), Kiehl's in the change rooms, unlimited towels, laundry service.  All little but nice perks.  It's the small things that count, right?  I won't be switching over though, I can't afford to drop $2,400 a year for a gym membership.  But going once in awhile won't hurt.  :)  I felt amazing afterwards!!!!

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