Thursday, December 4, 2014

What do you do to give back?

Most people won't understand why or where I'm coming from, but in the last month or so, I've made friends with a man named Martin and his beloved dog, Athena.  You see, Martin is homeless and transient and trying to make his way back to BC.  So, he sits out in front of the Eatons Centre and bless him, in this fucking cold, with his best friend, and they get donations from people, either monetary or dog food/treats/blankets, etc.  What I did, though, is, when I first saw them weeks ago, I went home and put together a snack pack for the dog with some yummy treats and some dog food.  He was very appreciative and didn't mind me stopping, and so I do.  Every day or every few days I see him, or I just see her when he's wandered off and left her to "guard" his things.. He's always come back and when I see her sitting there by herself, I go over, give her some treats and wrap her blanket around her a little tighter.  One day, I had one lady come over to me as I knelt down on the ground (in my jacket but capri workout pants in -4 weather) and she was trying to tell me to not cover her up but put the blanket UNDER her.  She did have a blanket under her and I was just covering her up from the wind.  I told the lady thank you but she wasn't mine and it was none of my business, I'm just there to see Athena and give her some love.  I haven't got a picture of her but she's so adorable - I think she's a pittie/rottie mix but she's got the loveliest ears on her.  And now when I arrive, she always stares at my pockets.  Or if I give her some treats and then tell her I'll be back (either going to or from the gym) and she watches me like a hawk.  I guess I'm the food source to her, but that intense stare she gives makes me swoon.  She's such a pretty girl and I know she means the world to Martin.  I could give Martin money but I feel like I'm doing some little and special for his beloved and that's enough in itself. 
It kills me to see dogs with homeless people, but I get it.  Most love and care for their animals more than they care for themselves, often giving up their human food to their beloved before they feed themselves.  Sure, not all are like that but many are.  And I totally get it that their dog is their best friend and only friend in life, but it just sucks.  I really, really hate seeing people and animals homeless.  Especially for a place like here where our winters are fucking brutal.  I know I couldn't survive in the cold, I'd perish I'm absolutely sure of it.  I know a lot of homeless people choose to not go to shelters because that means giving up or abandoning their only friend in life and most will refuse to do that, which I think is a noble decision.  I'm not one to judge, I know everyone has their hardships and traumas, I just wish this world we lived in wasn't as ugly and cold as it is...........
I used to volunteer at old age homes/retirement homes and the hospital but don't have time to contribute anything that's consistent nor can I do "normal hours" that most places want.
Is there anything you do to give back?

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