Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday.. Where the hell have you been all my life?!

In the spirit of it being Friday and taking a lead from Krysten at Why Girls Are Weird and her "10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week", I think I'll follow suit and play that game.

Ten Things that Made Me Happy This Week:

1. Going to see Unbroken with my Mom and Jeff Tuesday night;
2. Having sore muscles.  It means I'm doing something right and not plateau-ing all the time.
3. To have a full fridge of food.  Some people aren't blessed to have a full fridge or food on the table.
4. Baxter's 7th Birthday yesterday.
5. I love having 5 months of the year where my two boys, Charlie and Baxter, are the same age (born 7 months apart from each other, yet still sharing the same blood (they both have the same momma and dad). 
6. Planning a little overnight getaway to Niagara Falls/Buffalo in March to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a friend.
7. Seeing the schedule for the 2015 Yoga Conference and happy that the lovely and inspiring Seane Corn will be there this year (she was in South American last year for an Off the Mat endeavour but will be back again this year). Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! :)
8. My evening with Jeff last night. *smiles*
9. Knowing that I get to have dinner with my friend Tara tomorrow night after day 1 of 2 of the restricted/unrestricted gun course her hubby and I are taking together (Jeff and Tara are both licensed).
10. TGIF mother*ckers!!
I just got back from the gym and my legs are sooooooore! I was off on Monday and therefore didn't make it to the gym.  Tuesday I wasn't able to get to my usual BP class so I did legs and abs on my own.  Wednesday and Thursday I did BP.  So there goes to the legs.  And today I did a spin class with Leanne, figuring that I'd spin my legs out a bit and loosen them up.  Uhmmm no.  Not at all.  So I'm betting on waddling tomorrow.
Work continues to be busy as shit.  Which, I suppose, is good in theory and sure the days fly by but sometimes I just have so much to do and don't know where to begin. 
Baxter's 7th (!!!) birthday was yesterday and so after work, we went to Global and got the boy a stuffed polar bear (which, might I add, lasted all of 5 minutes tops before he decided to bust it open and get the squeaker out.  LOL.  We got him some yummy treats, bully sticks to chew on and puppy ice cream for both him and Charles.  The second we got home, they were on us because of the yummy bag we had in hand and they stared up at the counter until they had their dinner and THEN I gave them their yummies. 
Charlie is still limping a little bit.  I feel like a bad pet parent but I just don't feel he's in pain nor do I feel like spending at least $200 alone for an xray that will only show breaks and shadows that indicate arthritis.  I don't believe it's a luxating patella because he puts weight on his leg, and he's not in any pain.  Not once had he cried out or whimpered and he can also bend his leg, something that luxating patella's won't allow.  Plus, with luxating patellas, they're most often detected earlier on, they don't usually just develop just like that.  So for now, I've been trying to keep him quiet, alternating with confining him (which of course he hates) and he's now getting glucosamine twice daily, which can't hurt him and is good for his joints.  The thing that's sad though is that he just doesn't know how to slow down; he still thinks he's a young lad but he's getting up there.  Depressing but that's reality, right?  So we'll see how things progress with him......

 Isn't this pretty?  I can't recall the artist but I believe I saw this on The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Facebook page and I loved it.
Pretty much.... lol

 Enjoy your weekend folks! xo


  1. My boys just got groomed and I'm pretty happy to sweet their sweet eyes again!

    1. We have to cut in between grooming visits, especially with Baxter. I swear that boy has 3 to 1 hair follicles compared to Charles lol

  2. Niagra Falls! Oooo I cannot wait for the photos and post about it!!
    Aww and that little bit about your evening with Jeff and the *smiles* made my heart warm.

    You seem so very happy of late. I love it xxxxx

    1. Thanks love. I'm content, I guess. No issues, no stresses for the most part. Can't live life like that anyhow, can you?

      I'll definitely take some pictures for you in between shopping and celebrating my friend's upcoming wedding in the Falls. :)


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