Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How did we get to Wednesday already?  Oh that's right, it's called being off work for two days with a sick husband (sickest I've ever seen him) and then I woke up this morning sick.  But I'm at work.  And freezing.  Oh good times.

I've not been to the gym at all this week and I've zero appetite today.  Jeff is on day 3 of being at home and off work...Poor guy.  He can't catch a break.  In December he caught a good bout of the flu.  Then end of December, he rolled his ankle and caused a bad sprain.  Then now he's got a lung infection, bronchitis and the flu to boot.  I just feel so bad, he's just so weak and miserable.

Last weekend was great though.  I did both my non-restricted (100% on practical, 94% on written)and restricted (98% on practical, 96% on written) firearms course and of course it was a long weekend.  Saturday was from 8 am to about 6:30 pm and Sunday was from 8:30 to 4:30.  At least I had some company in a familiar face (Tara's husband), otherwise I'm sure I would've been bored to tears.  I had read each book beforehand so a lot of it was refreshing my memory.  I was so worried I'd bomb the tests just because of my nerves but I'm glad I didn't; I did much better than I anticipated.  So that's finally out of the way.  Now we wait for bureaucracy at its finest and I wait for paperwork from the Government, then send an application back to them, with copies of my tests, MORE money and away we go.  :)

And so now it's Wednesday and I'm feeling quite like shite.  And I work this weekend.  I have currently 34 visits.  I hope this passes and I don't get full blown sick. 

Hope you all are well xoxo

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