Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Confession Tuesday:

So we almost died last night!  We stayed home yesterday because the power had gone out on Sunday night, leaving me with 4 loads of laundry I was just about to shove into the driver.  Then Monday morning, minutes after the hydro coming back on, our fire alarm goes off.  And then not long after that, we lose our hot water until 9:30 PM last night.  Was just not a good day.  Can I just say that it felt SO nice to have a hot shower last night?  Jeff and I both feel dirty!

And then last night, I just put an egg into a pot of boiling water and Jeff and I *ahem*.  I fall asleep right after, something that I never(!!!) do and lo and behold, we both wake up at 2:30 coughing because there's smoke in our entire condo, I've long since boiled DRY said pot and burned the pot and poor egg.  So here, we were.  Running around naked trying to fan smoke out while opening all of our windows and doors.  It was quite the sight, I'm sure.  Ugh.  Chalk that up as Lindsay 0, kitchen +23462.  I felt terrible.  But thank goodness we didn't die. Yikes!

On the plus side, we got pictures taken of the dogs and ordered and picked up our Christmas cards already and the list has already been made.  Bring on Christmas! :)


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