Friday, November 22, 2013


What's going on with me?  Random-ness......

- I have to take two massive boxes of books to donate to Goodwill this weekend.  We've pared down our two book cases and sorted through books we just won't read again or former school books that are out of date (law books and such).

- I've been thinking about it all week yet I've done nothing about it as yet, buuuuuuut, I want to set up our Christmas tree tonight.  I know it's early but we also won't be at home from December 4th to the 19th because we'll be house sitting/dog sitting at my mom's while she's in sunny Barbados.  Yes, again

- I just got back from an ass-kicking at the gym and it feels soooooooooo good.

- We might be heading up north tomorrow for the night to check on Jeff's parents. 

- It's supposed to snow tomorrow.  And be freezing.  So much in denial that winter is here for the next half year. *rolls eyes*

- I'm just becoming aware of a store named Piper Lime, a Gap franchise if you will, but what cute, fashionable clothes they have.

- I  just finished reading a book called, "Unsaid" by Neil Abramson and it had me smiling at times and other times, I would tear up because I knew exactly what the author was describing and could relate.  What a good book to read if you love animals.

- I was off on Wednesday to go to a Doctor's appointment that went really well and afterwards, I walked over to my mom's place (where the dogs were - once a week my neighbour will take her two Bichon's over to my mom's, along with ours, and they have a play date with her two Bichons, so it's a Bichon party :)  It's actually quite adorable seeing a sea of white fluffballs at your feet.  They're all just so happy with eachother and they get along so well together, it's wonderful.  And plus, my mom LOVES it.  She would be happiest if she had an entire house full of Bichon babies (so would I, to be honest!).  Here are some pictures from that day.... Enjoy. :)

Oh and P.S. Things are going really well with Jeff and I'm actually smiling again.  He notices it, I notice it, my mom notices.... Big, GOOD changes :)



I just LOVE this one of Baxter at the forefront, he's got the softest, most gentle eyes on the planet

The boys on the look out in the backyard :)

Andddd ... Me walking home


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