Thursday, February 27, 2014



Holy shit balls, you'd think there was a full moon.  Everyone is spazzing and snappy today.  And I'm not one of them for once! LOL.  Work is crazy.  Not long after I started work here at the Commission, usually January, February and March were quieter months.  These days, not so much.  I guess we're gearing up for fiscal year end at the end of March, that contributes to it.  Also, my boss is covering her boss and so she's doing two jobs, wearing two hats and she's super stressed, easily agitated quick to deflect blame to others.  She had me apologise on her behalf to a co-worker because she was wrong.  I called her on something that was discussed last year and after reiterating it a few times to her, she stated that she had just forgotten and can I go tell so and so that that was the case.  Um sure, but you were wrong lady so don't be so quick to jump down people's throats.  And chill people, take a god damn valium, a deep breath, something.

Things with us are comme ci, comme ca I suppose.  Monday was uneventful to the fullest up until 5 something in the evening when he was at my mom's giving my step-dad a hair cut and I called my mom's house (because I knew if I reached him there he'd have no choice but to talk to me if I called her house lol). Asked him some PC questions because he formatted my computer in Sunday while I was out and I wanted to ask him before it had slipped my mind. All seemed ok but I braced for the silent treatment when he got back home. He got home, bringing the dogs along with him (my mom had all the dogs this past Monday bc she's going away to the Dominican Republic tomorrow and she wanted to make sure she'd see all of them before leaving. That night much was just left in the air and I asked he wanted to ask me anything (in regards to my leaving him a note on Sunday before heading out to meet some old workmates from back when I was 15/16



Didn't get to finish writing my post yesterday so I'm continuing it today.  Jesus Christ it's taking me forever to hammer out this post.

This morning was uneventful although I have to say that today has been the least busy it has been for me all week and last week even too.  This morning my Mom flew out to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  I went over to her place last night to hang out for a bit and say goodbye and have a great trip.  I was of course jealous she was heading out to plus 30 degree weather and leaving my ass home in the -15 Celsius bullshit.  LOL Oh well, I'm counting down and C A N N O T W A I T for September to creep around.  We're going to Barbados (Jeff and I) with my mom and step-dad, Brian.  We did that in 2011, did our check out dive certifications for Open Water and did a few more dives (I think all in all we did about 10 dives including the four check out certification dives) and it was glorious.  After that, we ended up plunking down about $4,000 on gear and we now have all of our own with the exception of air tanks (which you can't travel with anyways).  We won't travel with our weight for the weight belts only because we can rent weight and we'd end up maxing out our weight restrictions for luggage on just the lead weight alone.  So that's why it doesn't make sense to bring your own.  Plus, we bought all of our own gear because it's something we know will get used, we'll use for a long time to come and we really, really enjoy diving.  So I can't wait.  We're pondering on doing our advanced certification, which takes about 2 days maximum depending on the weather.  The only thing we couldn't take as a specialty would be the nitrox gases only for the simple reason that they do not have that mixed air on the island.  We could however take a day course elsewhere on nitrox alone so I don't think it's a big deal but I think it's something really worth while to consider.  We are going for 2 weeks again this time around and I'd like to do about another 10 dives again, 4 would be the advanced dives and then another 6 each on subsequent days.  So all in all, it'd occupy about 3-4 days additional to the 2 for the advanced certifications (if you consider that we'd be doing double tank dives each day, one in the morning and one in the early afternoon).  This all leaves 8-9 days to veg, explore more of the island by car (like we did last time around and my parents really enjoyed), sight sea and get tan (or in my case, burn and acquire more freckles lol).  But anyways, getting sidetracked about my own trip 6.5 months away.  Oh things to look forward to.  :)

This afternoon on my lunch break, my friend Danielle and I helped our friend Marah move some things from her basement to storage.  Perhaps I'll go to the gym tonight but maybe not, I've got shin splintz today. 

Oh and Jeff and I seem to be doing better.  Knock on wood.

Until tomorrow.... :)

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