Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well that was truly a nice, relaxing long weekend....

So I last wrote on Friday after I got home from work that evening.  That evening, I made a chicken stir fry and then afterwards I took the dogs down to Dina's and vented to her for a couple of hours.  It was actually a nice evening with her.  Upon going back up to our condo at around midnight, I ended up talking to J til about 2 a.m.  I ended up waking up at 8 am but then I guess I fell back asleep and I woke up again at 10 am to my phone ringing.  It was my mom checking in to say that she was coming over to get me and the dogs so that we could go out to White Feather and Heronview Raw and Natural.  Brian drove my mom and I and we were out for maybe 5 hours all said and doine (since Jeff had abandoned ship on Friday to go get some space up north for a few days at his parents, which I understood and respected once I was done with being upset and miffed).  My friend Kelly met up with us for lunch and we walked around for a bit buying a few items along the way.  Afterwards, Kelly was going to meet a friend for dinner (and then coming up to our place late to stay the rest of the weekend) and Mom and Brian and I went to Heronview, where they picked up dog food and I found my man Kramer, a 185 lb Leonberger and his daughter and another female and her daughter. So FOUR big beasts and I was in heaven.  I ended up getting the dogs a stuffless stuffie toy since they love those so much and I also got some Buffalo beef jerkey looking stuff for them as a treat too. 

Kelly ended up coming over around midnight Saturday night and we ended up talking in bed until 2 am.

 Look at these two hambergers. LOL What a life!
And I just LOVE this. Found this on Instagram over the weekend :)

And here's Miss Kelly with Charlie and Baxter both.  Charlie was all over her like a wet noodle, he just wouldn't leave her alone at all this past weekend.  Baxter warmed up to her a bit but she's certainly not Mom aka Me.  We spent Sunday morning doing her laundry and watching crap on tv.  We then went to get some groceries and not long after that, Jeff was home.  I was under the impression he was still up north but he ended up surprising me and coming home early, around 3:30ish.  We didn't do too much the rest of the day except chat and watch the boob tube and the Olympics.  We all fell asleep watching the Wolf of Wall Street (we'd seen it twice already and it was Kelly's first time watching it) and then shortly after I woke up and told Kelly lets go to bed (Jeff was sleeping on the couch Sunday night and Kelly and I in our bedroom). 

Woke up relatively early, made breakfast while Kelly was in the shower and she ended up leaving our place around 10:30/11 am to go meet her ex-husband so she could pick up her son and take him to a Hockey Day.  Monday was Family Day so it was a nice long weekend, to say the least.  The next long weekend is at Easter in April, which seems an awfully long time away.  :-/  Kelly will be back in 3 weeks to spend the weekend with me which I'm excited about.  Love that girl.  And I know the dogs, particularly Charlie will be happy about that.  He just adores her :)

And then this morning... Poor dogs, this is how I left them when leaving for work at 6 am.  LOL 

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