Saturday, April 12, 2014

A hodge podge of shit for a Friday/Saturday

So naturally I began writing this yesterday and now Saturday is upon us.  I came home from work last night and packed up some things to go to my mom's for the weekend with the dogs, too, of course.  Jeff wanted me to have my mom close by if I had a bad allergic reaction and needed to get to the hospital.  So we went over around 9:30 last night and from the amount of shit I'm bringing, it looks like I'm staying for a month.  LOL

I was abandoned in bed last night.  Mom and I finally went to bed around 2 and it was so funny, we were all having conversations about the dogs and who was going to settle where.  Everyone left me for Mom and my step-dad.  LOL  Mom brought in Baxter because he was moving too much but he left at some point through the night.  I had a night wake up call this morning though. LOL

I'm just about to head out to the gym with my mom.  Afterwards, I'm going to head up to see my friend and her fiance at his farm.  Should be a good day.  AND I'm taking the DSLR today and not whipping out my iPhone.  Have a great Saturday :)

Heard this girl belt out Les Miserables song and her voice is like that of an angel...

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