Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Taking Stock

Making: my way home from work. 
Cooking: tonight were having some lemon peppercorn tilapia and basmati rice. 
Drinking: nada!
Reading: The Dance of Anger
Wanting: it to be the weekend already.
Looking: at people walk to thir cars. 
Playing: Words with Friends 
Wasting: time on Blogger to pass the time
Wishing: for more sleep!
Enjoying: having just woken from a nap. 
Waiting: to get paid tomorrow morning. 
Liking: that were already mid-way through the week.
Wondering: about plans for the weekend
Loving: life!
Hoping: that the weather gets it's act together soon!
Marveling: hmm. 
Needing: a fireplace right now, I'm COLD!!
Smelling: not much right now, I have a cold. 
Wearing: black dress pants and a flowy top and purple sweater (for work)
Following: no one and being myself. 
Noticing: that what matters most isn't stuff it's the people you surround yourself with :)
(@ home now)
Knowing: when to say no.
Thinking: about foot. Or the next meal. lol 
Feeling: grateful and blessed
Bookmarking: workouts
Opening: the mail
Giggling: not. 
Feeling: happy. 

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