Wednesday, April 16, 2014


So I guess my recap begins last Saturday... These pictures were taken at my Mom's on Saturday morning before we both went into the gym.  I did a BodyPump class while she did some free weights and her own thing.  Afterwards, went back to her place and then back to mine to grab my rain boots for traipsing around the farm up north (where I was going to visit my friend Tara and her soon-to-be husband).  (Charlie is in the foreground and Baxter, behind)

Below on the left is Delilah, one of my Mom's dogs.  On the right is Baxter (as with above).

Here are the pictures of Saturday afternoon up at the farm.  It was bought in 2012, 107 acres and my friend's fianc√© put in all the maple syrup lines himself and 2012/2013 winter was their first year.

His beloved dog, Gaston, whom they kept/found when they moved there. Abandoned by his previous owners, can you imagine?

Some antiques from the out-buildings that I found and some landscape pictures.  Beautiful, I think.

How pretty is this?  It's in Scotland.  

And here is Charlie doting over his brother.  I call it him being a mother hen to him.  Or smothering him.  LOL Baxter loves it though.
I got this on Sunday after the gym.  Cute, eh?

And here's some wedding stuff for Tara's wedding in August.  It's Country Chic theme.  We have our dresses, I have boots I'm borrowing from a friend and its' going to be spectacular, I can't wait!

And last buy not least, my love.  Love being myself and a goof together :)

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