Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Long Weekend!

I had a friend come down for a visit on Thursday night, which was nice. Friday morning we went up White Feather and Heronview. Of course the highlight of the road trip was seeing all of Lori's, her beloved four Leonbergers…
Below is Kramer, 185 lbs of fur and love :).  The second Leo is Emma getting in on some of the love. She's one of his daughter's I believe. 
Later Friday night we went to my moms for Easter dinner, which was delish! Kelly stayed for dinner then headed back home to the 'Shwa. 
Saturday morning I went to the gym (duh! Lol these days I'm at the gym 7 days a week if I can) and then I came home and we went down to the All About Pet Show near the airport.  I didn't take too many pictures because I was too busy gawking at the animals or petting them.  If Jeff lost me, he didn't have to look out to find me but rather down because I was often on the floor petting this dog or that dog. 
Isn't this Persian adorable?  He was just a baby, if I recall his owner said he was just 9 months old but glorious.  :)

I'm not a fan of snakes but took some reptile pictures nevertheless.  Here's a rattle snake and a tarantula.

Cute little Chi's

Some baby goats and a young cow (she was super soft)
This is what I look like in the morning lol  Here's an alpaca. 
Got home on Saturday and took the kids for a nice long walk.  This walk put Charlie on his ass for two days.  Poor boy looked wrecked.  Maybe it was too much?  Who knows.  But he's alright. :) 

My massive quads and day 20 of #yogatothecore - Tittibhasana or firefly pose.

And some random ducks trolling down the street on Monday morning lol

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