Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So marks the day where many women, men and children perished in the World Trade Centre when it was attacked some 11 years ago.  Hard to believe that it has been that long since that day.  I remember being home that morning and I woke up and for whatever reason, stopped at CNN and was captivated for hours on end.  I remember thinking they were showing a preview for an upcoming movie, only the live camera shot of the plan crashing into the second tower.  It was utterly unbelieveable....there were no words to describe what was happened other than "holy shit" and "omygod" and "WTF!".

Many died in the tower, many burned alive, many lept to their deaths because they were scared shitless that help couldn't get to them.

Insane.  Time flies, doesn't it?  I'm thankful every day that we live in Canada and not the US.

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