Monday, September 10, 2012


It's Monday again, here we are again.  We had a good weekend, although argued some with J.  Hate arguing, hate tension, hate feeling like I'm walking around on egg shells and I hate feeling like I'm the worlds worst person... I feel like I'm going to fall apart at any given moment and it sucks so badly.  I hate complaining, I hate griping, I hate arguing but sometimes I feel like putting pen to paper so to speak helps me get things off my chest.  No one understands though.....It's frustrating.

The upside to the weekend, the boys got groomed on Friday and they look fabulous!

Saturday I was going to help out with a dog festival but that got rained out, it was AWFUL out, I ventured out around 3:45 pm and I literally carried the dogs through and was gone in a matter of 10 minutes.

Finally, a picture of YPPS, not all of us but some of us at the dog festival yesterday ...
Great people to work for, love my "part time job"...Not a job whatsoever.  Love it!

And yes, those are my pooches with booties on their feet.. It was mud central and there was no way I was getting them all muddy.  We even skipped the pooch plunge this year because they had JUST gotten groomed and I wasn't planning on spending some quality time in the shower with them this weekend. lol

This evening I'm cleaning at the yoga studio, I'll be going to yoga tomorrow night (need to start amping up my yoga practice again, I was benefitting from it immensely and I'm toning down the amount of spinning classes I'm going to because I feel like my ass is outgrowing some of my pants for god sakes.  Wednesday I'm going to see a movie at lunch with Marah at the Toronto International Film Festival and I'll wear my new dress that I bought last Friday.  Also, J's parents are coming over for dinner, it was supposed to be Friday, then moved to Thursday and now it's Wednesday they're coming by before they head down to Florida until December.  Thursday, cleaning at yoga studio and Friday and the rest of the weekend I've got dog and cat clients.  Another busy week and weekend ahead.

Toodles! xo

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