Friday, September 7, 2012

Flawless Friday? Yeah right, more like Frazzled Friday...

I've aptly titled this blog post because it couldn't be further from my reality.  I woke up late at 7:51 am.. immediately the brightness in the room let me know that I had slept in because it should have been still dark.  Jump out of bed in a panic, the last train is at 8:02 am so there's no bloody hope in hell I'm catching that bad boy, so I run around like a mad woman and call my mom, who's going to be leaving her place at 8:30 anyways to take my boys to the groomers and Mom comes and saves the day and drives me to the bus station.  Bonus, I got to see the boys before they went and get beautified.  It was so nice to see them too because I was by myself last night, no Jeff, no puppies and it was awfully quiet.

So the picture here is me on the bus looking like I still have cob webs in my eyes... lol

And then tonight, at the train my mom key me with my handsomely groomed devils :) I love how they look <3

J's coming home in a few hours and I've got two sucky bears so I'm out. Happy Friday night xo

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