Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18, 2012

So today is defintely a better a day.  Although, I have to discuss one thing.  Anyone else find weird/strange things happening around you lately?  Or, if not lately, but this year in general?  For us, I think slowly but surely people have been losing their shit mentally... It's actually quite sad, considering both were very good friends of ours.  One was a long time coming, but it was a surprise when he freaked on considering that we'd bent over backwards to continue to be his friend, despite him treating everyone around like a taxi or just like plain shit.  And then the other, we didn't see coming whatsoever.  He met a girl and suddenly, or so it seemed to us, he began to unravel.  Now, whether he hid that "side" of him from us, I don't know, but I certainly don't "recognize" this guy anymore.  And we continue to be blame for things that are not our fault simply because he won't take any responsibility for himself and his actions, and he's just plain selfish.  How do you take a step back from something or someone when you don't want to or when you start to care about someone more than they actually do themselves? 

My pal, Olive, the Leonberger :)

Passed out. Vodka gimlets.  Nuff said. LOL

That's all I really have time to write for now.  More later/tomorrow.  Peace :)

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