Thursday, November 13, 2014

Currently I'm....

Watching... Forensic Files on HLN

Eating... Nothing, I'm drinking water al day due to eating like a glutton yesterday. 

Thinking about... Already going home (we're not headed home til Sunday, soooo a little premature on my part). I just want to go home, unpack our gifts, laundry (thankfully my mom has done three loads of our laundry since we left her house yesterday!! So sweet of her :) she's honestly the BEST mom ever!), also have to take down the tree and lights, but I'll probably leave our lights in the window, they're cute.

Talking to... I just got off the phone with my mom... 

Excited about... Goin home. Actually, I'm excited to have New Years Day (next Thursday), I booked Friday and Monday because I'm pet sitting next weekend and I like a couple of days to just relax... And then I took Monday January 5th because the 6th through the 9th and Monday the 12th, we're all working fucked up early hours and I have to wake up at 445 to take the early train into work... 

Stressed about... Nothing. Paying off set in 2015 and life will be a lot less stressful and it'll be a relief off our back. We'll probably have to buy a car in 2015 top, if my then 2016 for sure!!!

Needing.... Well I got gift cards for Lululemon, the mall, etc., so while I don't need anything I'll go and buy some heels for work (since I've got a couple of pairs at work in bad shape), and since I'm at the gym daily, I can never have enough Lulu tights .... I also want some harem pants, they look so comfortable :)

Going to cook.... Going to eat tourtière Mmmm!

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