Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Currently I'm....

 Nothing, I'm on my way downtown for an all day conference yayyyy fun times ahead!

Eating... Drinking a protein shake

Thinking about... the end of the work day.  Already. Thinking about my exit strategy this afternoon and coming home a bit early. Also thinking how it's completely wild that I turn 31 next week. Where. Does. The. Time. Go. !!!!!!!

Talking to... No one. I'm upstairs in the quiet area on the train, so it's dead quiet.

Excited about... The weekend. I amuse easily, what can I say lol.  I'm petsitting this weekend and it isn't too crazy.

Stressed about... Nothing at the moment.

Needing: my bed and puppies with a nice snuggle session :)

Going to cook: nothing until later when I get home and start cooking dinner. Baked chicken and lots of veggies. Mmmm!

And now you get sleepy puppy pictures *swoon*

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