Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday, Monday...

It's that dreaded day of the week again, yes Monday.  I am currently sitting here munching on an apple, listening to Ex-Wives of Rock (thank you for internet streaming!) and updating things on the work-end of things. 
Well that was a couple of hours ago, earlier in the day.  Now lunch has come and gone and I've been to the gym and back to do a 30-minute class of Shred and boy was it not fun.  I ate a lot of shit this weekend and I'm certainly paying for it today.  My clothes feel tighter, I have a belly, I'm bloated... It just ain't pretty.  It's just not worth it so don't give in to temptation and think that you need something when you know damned well you don't.  Make smart choices, not just a choice when you think you're starving and you're letting your stomach speak instead of making an intelligent decision.  I think the bulk of me feeling like shit this weekend was because I wasn't very active.  I really and truly took advantage of having nothing on my plate this weekend and I also took advantage of daylight savings time, with the clock rolling back and thus earning an "extra" hour.  It was glorious sleeping in on Sunday morning.  Of course, I woke up initially at 6 am and then went back to bed, but hey, details.

Saturday morning we had wet flurries.  Yes, November 1st brought us flurries.  A whole new level of depression right there.  Winter is just on our heels and I am not looking forward to it for one minute.  Sure it's pretty and peaceful if you're looking out at it through a window and you're cozy on the other side, but that's about it.

So since I have nothing of value to say, here are some pictures....

Beautiful sunsets from last weekend

  Sleepy boys

 Sleepy Saturday aka lazy boys

 My Saturday morning view... of snow.. Not much but still snow nonetheless.

Loving all the beautiful colours :)

 Sleepy Sunday night lol

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