Friday, November 14, 2014

It's Friday, which means the weekend is just mere hours away!!

So my 31st birthday has come and gone just like that.  I ended up going home after my BodyShred class on Monday at 1 pm.  Went home and by the time I rolled in the door it was 3:30 and from there until the time that Jeff got home (not long after 5), I tidied up, had some crap tv on in the background for noise while I snuggled with my boys on the couch.  We hung out for a couple of hours, then later we met up with my step-dad and mom for dinner.  They then came over after dinner to have dessert and to get the dogs who had a grooming appointment early Tuesday morning.

Now it's Friday and here I am sitting at my desk at work just willing the hours to go by so that my weekend can begin.  Jeff is taking the dogs over to my mom's this afternoon so they can spend the weekend with her while we head up north with Tara and Erik.  They're coming up for a mini getaway weekend and we're going to take them to the gun range to play.  Should be a good/fun weekend but dang it, it's going to be a chilly one.  It's supposed to be a low of -7 Celsius.  Yep, I'm in deep denial over here about the impending winter season coming.  It's fucked up because not three days ago it felt like spring and it was about 14 degrees and then the next day winter.  BAM!  So I finally caved yesterday and pulled out the winter jacket.  Yep, winter is here.  Sigh.

So part of my birthday gift from Jeff was a gift card for Lululemon (one of my favorite stores, duh!).  Along with his gift card, his parents sent me money, so I took it upon myself to buy this girl here a complete outfit from the store.  The sports bra I got (since I was in need of a new one) is just a basic black but I love the back and it's the comfiest ever!  The thank is identical to this one, same style, just a different colour.  I opted for the coral colour for pop and it's quite nice, actually.  And then the crops, I normally get Luon but this time I got a Luxtreme set of Wunder Unders.  Apparently they wick even better than the Luon style crops.  So it's a given that the below items are a part of Three Things I'm loving right now: 

1. Free to be Wild Sports Bra, Lululemon.  $42 CAD  2. Cool Racerback Tank, Lululemon. $42 CAD
3. Luxtreme Wunder Under Crop., Lululemon.  $82 CAD
I know Lululemon is one of the more expensive brands but I'm a wee bit loyal to the brand.  Sure, since the company did a public IPO a couple years ago (aka a Canadian Brand before it went public) the quality and manufacturing isn't the same but I think a few things can be said about that.  I've returned one pair twice that had stitching that began to unravel the first time I wore them.  Apart from that unfortunate event, which was because the tights were gorgeous, purple and different, they've all been great.  As long as you take care of your Lululemon gear, it will stand up to time.  I have two pairs of pants, one crop and one long pants and they're well over five years old.  One pair has a bit of piling on the quads but that's mainly from me and how I pull at the legs to adjust them or when I'm a hot, sweaty mess.  I always wash mine in cold water, on gentle cycle and I never, ever put anything of theirs in the dryer. 

Christ, what a hodge podge of a post today.  Excuse me for that.  Just a bit all over the map today, I guess.

And just because I can, here are a few photos from the last few days.

Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Old City Hall Cenotaph.

And a sunset from the other night I was walking home from the train 

The work day is almost at a clost so I'll end there.  Enjoy your weekend! :) xo

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