Monday, November 17, 2014

It's that day of the weekend that most people loathe, myself being one of those.  Ugh!  I was in such a foul mood when I got into work, probably because my patience is waning with some of my work colleagues.  Perhaps it was also talking to my mom that's been away from the office since last Wednesday and it was like she wasn't a part of a conversation that was had last week.  Like, stop shaking your head at me woman and implying that I've got it all wrong.  No, you fucked up the days and everything has to be finagled around now.  It's not me, it's you.  This being my boss that so infamously throws people under the bus because she's got more shit to prove now that she's doing double duty and effectively doing two jobs.  So if it wasn't my boss irritating me this morning, it was a co-worker just being flat out annoying.  Or why am I being pulled in to do my colleague's work when she's been the one working on this and works on this shit all the flippin time?  I feel like a lot of the time at work I'm thrown shit for the simple reason that people know shit gets done, shit gets done well and correctly, and efficiently.  Yes, it's a compliment but it's annoying that people just can't do their fucking job and then I'm normally the one that is left to fix shit or make sure it's up to par where it should be.  I know you get it at every place of employment but it's just so frustrating working with people that couldn't give two shits about work and responsibilities.  "Oh someone else will do it" type attitude.  And the organization I work for is a Crown Corporation/Government type-place so these people never get fired or if they do, it literally (not even kidding you) takes years for HR to build enough ammunition against the person to get them out the door.  My colleague that I speak of, her predecessor was let go and I'm told that it took a long time and a lot of complaints from higher ups, some even coming from Directors.  I didn't mind her but she was rude as all hell and didn't or couldn't speak to people in a nice or civil manner.  Anyways, the morning was kinda blah and had me a bit annoyed but it didn't take much or long to shrug it off and let it go.

My ushe gym sesh of Shred was mixed up today in that my friend, Liane, was sick and couldn't find a sub for the class, so a Body Pump class was in its place.  I wasn't in the mind set to do that, and also because I normally do BP on Tuesdays, I decided to go to the spin class and am glad that I did go.  Tomorrow, I'll do my ushe BP and then I'm going to try and get to a hot yoga class tomorrow night to loosen up a bit.  My right quad is still a bit tender, not always but enough to let me know that if I exert it too much or go too hard, that it reminds me it still aches a bit.  Pain in the ass.

Our dishwasher I think bit the dust last night.......  Sounds more loud that usual so I just stopped it.  We've had it for 8 years and I honestly think it's had a good go.  So............ that's something we'll have to keep an eye out for.  I'm not opposed to not having a functional dishwasher for a bit but man that's going to be a lot of hand washing.  I guess it's what I make of it, right?  I'll just have to get Jeff to help me out. HAHAHA.  We'll see how that goes.

We picked up the boys last night after having spent the entire weekend with my mom.  As I mentioned last week, we were heading up north on Friday after work to visit Jeff's parents house with some friends, Tara and Erik.  We got up north (about 3 hours north of where we live, with a coffee/pee break in there for good measure).  There was maybe 2 inches of snow when we got there and from Saturday to Sunday morning, there was about another foot and a half that fell.  See, I've been in deep denial that winter has been on our heels.  (I just busted out my winter jacket last Thursday.  I couldn't do it anymore with a spring/fall jacket and I needed more warmth to bury my face into.)  Apart from all the snow, we went to the shooting range on Saturday and both Tara and Erik really enjoyed themselves.  Saturday night we had some good food, drinks and played some games.  Sunday, woke up and it was still snowing.  Jeff ended up plowing the drive way so that it didn't melt and fuck up the huge drive way for when Jeff's parents come back in December.  So that took hours, we all took turns shoveling.   We were draining the hot water tank and Tara and Erik decided to leave around 11.  Good thing because the plow came thing to make the roads a bit better about an hour later.  We ended up finishing things up at the house about 1:30 and then headed out to go home.  It was a nice weekend was some good friends :)

 Sunday Morning


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