Friday, October 17, 2014

Barbados .... Part 2 (Fuji pics) (HUGE POST)

This is Cove Bay, on the east coast of the island, on the Atlantic side so there are more waves and it can be really rough.  Many surfers go to the east coast, whereas divers typically stay on the south and west coasts.
Remarkably, for the amount of times I've been to Barbados (about 6 or 7 times now), we always manage to find places we've never been too, which is pretty awesome considering the island is pretty small (only 14 by 21 miles)

 Lots of seaweed was washed up in this cove.  Never seen this much before in my life.


 Out front of our hotel, the view from our penthouse apartment.
  Jeffy and I out for dinner taking selfies.  :)

I think we were being goofballs here... lol

Harbour Lights

 Some fire-breather man.  He was pretty cool, and an older man, too.

This woman was doing the limbo, she was pretty good, too! 


Pictures are blurry, but these guys on stilts were awesome! 

My step-dad and Momma


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