Friday, October 10, 2014


So my mom, Jeff and I went to see Gone Girl on Tuesday night and man, what a great movie!  I find that many books that are turned into movies are disappointing, because you just can't capture the detail that's covered on pages and pages in a book.

I'd heard in August that the movie was coming out in October and then subsequently I saw a preview for the movie and I just HAD to read the book because I knew I'd see the movie and I wanted to read it before I saw it.  I try not to do that too much because, like I said, it's disappointing to see movies that often pale in comparison to the books but alas, I got the e-book and I started reading it on our flight down to Barbados.  It didn't take long before I was hook and every spare minute I had, even if we were driving to a restaurant and it was just a couple minutes down the road, I'd whip it out and read a page or two or three.  It was sensational.  I really like her writing style and having said that, I've actually read her second movie prior to Gone Girl, called Dark Places, which I finished last Sunday.  And now I'm on to her first book she wrote called Sharp Objects.  I've been busy with work this week and being sick and generally feeling lousy with little energy so I haven't even turned the first page in that book. But, if it's anything like her second and third, I know I won't be disappointed.

Discontinue reading if you're reading the book or haven't seen the movie yet.

I have to say, I'm a bit skeptical watching Ben Affleck in movies.  I find sometimes he can be a bit...lame?  for lack of a better word, I guess.  I don't know, don't get me wrong, good actor but he's certainly not a favourite.  By him being the lead character, Nick Dunne, I was a bit "eh" at first, but I had to read it and watch the movie just knowing the plot and after having read it, I knew that it wouldn't disappoint.  Rosamund Pike, who plays Amy Dunne, Nick's wife that goes missing in the story, I had never previously heard of.  But man, I loved and hated her character in the book (that was later revealed just how sick and twisted she was) and I really thought she didn't disappoint the character in the movie.  I think she's gorgeous and I know I'm not the first to say this, but damn, I loved her hair at the end of the movie.  I loved just how dark her character was.

Now, the differences between the book versus the movie weren't that great or critical to the storyline, but there were, of course, some.  Namely:
  • On the scavenger hunt, Nick does not go to Hannibal;
  • The 5th anniversary gift is wood and sure, he gets the Judy and Punch doll, but there is no wooden bassinette in Margo's shed.
  • Amy is not afraid of blood in the movie.
  • Desi's murder scene isn't quite like what you read in the book, but similar.  That's all I'll say.
  • Tanner Bolt, Nick's high-profile lawyer (Tyler Perry, who is AMAZING), his sidekick wife Betsy is not featured in the film and in fact, it is Tanner that throws gummy bears at Nick Dunne while they're rehearsing what he's going to say in an interview, when in fact in the novel it is Betsy that preps him for the interview and throws gummy bears at Ben Affleck's character.
  • The ending with The Ellen Abbott Show.  That doesn't happen in the book. 
I also enjoyed the reactions from the audience, many obviously having not read the book, my mom and Jeff included.

All in all, fantastic movie and a movie I'd watch over again.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  It's Thanksgiving (and a long weekend) for us Canadians and I happen to be working this weekend with pet visits and dog walks.  :)

Ciao! xo


  1. Awwwwww I couldn't read this entire post because I haven't read the book or seen the movie yet - but I cannot WAIT to!! :D

    1. Read, read, read, girl! It's an AWESOME book and I really, really good movie! She's a great writer. :) Enjoy! xox


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