Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanksgiving/Long Weekend/Petsitting Weekend

I think this photo was taken on Thursday, I can't really recall though.  The girl on Jeff's shoulder is Lily, she just adores him.  She's our neighbour's Bichon.  Her other dog, Stella, is at the forefront, looking at a ball on the floor that she's dropped in front of her.  And then Charlie is in the middle and Baxter is missing from the picture.  He's my little shadow and he was behind me as I took this picture.  We were previously in the kitchen and he's always with me in the kitchen when I'm in there.  LOL
So this past weekend was a long weekend and so happened to also be Thanksgiving Weekend (for us Canadians, eh?).  I was also scheduled to work this weekend and it was busy but not nuts.  I had my boss and another lady help out with a few visits because logistically I couldn't get them in during the time frames that the pet owners had booked them.. Sure if I could teleport myself but driving and all the damn construction around my town, it just wasn't possible.

Here below is Gilbert (or Gillie) on the left and on the right, Socrates (or Socks for short).  They're Mane Coons and beautiful cats.

Miss Stella.  Stella lives with another bulldog named Bean, whom I've previously posted pictures of, but Stella is undergoing serious training because she has some aggression issues with her sister and I've had to break up fights between the two and it just isn't fair for poor Bean.  So Bean was with the pet owners family while I took care of Stella for Friday night, Saturday and up to Sunday afternoon.  Look at that mug! lol
  Quincy, a 16 year old Yorkie that has more spunk and energy than most younger dogs. 

And Beau, a handsome Bernese Mountain Dog

 More Stella pictures

 Miss Rosie (a cairn terrier) and her pal, Charlie (a Westhighland Terrier)

Tinkerbell ... a very sweet, loving kitty.  Actually, the other two kittens (less than a year) that she lives with too, were also pretty sweet and loving.

Miss Chelsea, a German Short-haired Pointer.  Love this girl to pieces... She's a regular of ours.

 I took this picture while out with Chelsea on Sunday afternoon and I posted it on my Facebook page for what I'm grateful for...

I am incredibly grateful to have the bountiful and rich life that I've been blessed with during my short time on this earth. Sometimes I lose sight of this and need to be reminded just how fortunate I am.
Thank you to those near and far that have made me strive to be a better person each and every day and that I know that I am within. I love you all. <3 p="">

 Thanksgiving dinner was had at my mom's house on Monday night and just as well I was working all weekend so we didn't over-indulge ourselves.  It was a good time, as is anytime with my mom.  I just love my mom to pieces.  She's just my everything and I don't know what I'd do without her. <3 p="">
Tah-tah for now folks.  xox


  1. Ahh what a wonderful time - love all the photographs with the noonee's. And lovely to hear about the wonderful time you shared with your mother. Likewise with mine - as much as she aggravates me, I highly doubt that I'd be able to survive without her.


    1. Thank you! My mom was my mom and dad growing up, so she means the world to me. My dad passed away 5 days before my third birthday and we buried him on my 3rd birthday. She'll always be my hero, my inspiration, my mentor, my everything. I nearly lost her in 2003/2004 but thankfully she beat cancer and she's now better than ever. <3


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