Monday, October 29, 2012

Injuries throughout the weekend... of course there are!

Much like the rest of North America, particularly the eastern seaboard, we're keeping watch of the weather, rain and high winds.  Thankfully we're inland enough but still, this week looks like much of a write off that's for sure.  I got a chill on Saturday while out in the rain at the gun club with Jeff, his brother and Nadean, so to say that I'm welcoming all this rain this week would be a gross misstatement. 

I've been pretty injury prone since Friday.  I gashed my leg when I should have gotten a chair and reached for something that way.  Instead, I decided to jump and as I jumped, my leg got the metal edge of the ironing board (that I don't use, so why in the hell do I still have this?!!?).  Moments after that, I bashed my elbow into my knee, much like when you hit your funny bone, you have a similar bone that you can hit in your knee that will create the same reaction.  So that's brused.  And then last night, putting laundey away in the dark, you know, because I could have turned on the lights and all (!!), I bashed my shin into the corner of our bed frame (wooden bed frame set from Ikea) and it started bleeding immediately.  But what was funny was my jumping and hopping around and screaming and cussing under my breath because Jeff was sleeping.  What can I say? I'm fucking epic. And clumsy.  Very clumsy.  Extremely clumsy.  Have I made myself clear?! LOL

I haven't got much time to write so I'll break it up in chunks and write more about the weekend tomorrow.

Cheers! :)

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