Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday funday...

Hey-lo!  So this weekend I'm up in B-town looking after Jeff's brother's kidlets, but not so kidlets.  One is almost 10, one is 15 and one is almost 14.  So really it's just making sure they don't sneak out of the house and be unruly.  It's been pretty chill thus far, a nice relaxing weekend to be honest.  I brought my lap top and book, fully intending on immersing myself into crap tv that I don't want around jeff or subject him to watch.  Or at least I try not to, I try to be respectful about that because he thinks it's garbage and doesn't get why I watch some of the shit I do, for instance, Intervention, Rehab with Dr. Drew, Couples Therapy (okay, I'm guilty here because I wanted to see what this Courtney Stodden chick was all about...)...  but nevertheless, much of yesterday was spent doing tons of laundry, making dinner, vacuuming the entire upstairs of Jeff's brother's house and folding all said 3928723 loads of laundry.

Today much was spent relaxing while Tyler had a friend over to play some video games with him, the girls I've yet to see although I do know there snuck down to the kitchen to make themselves oatmeal, they're laying low.

Just the kind of weekend that I've been looking forward to for awhile :)

Been taking a few artsy yoga pictures here over the weekend for my October challenge, a few scenic pictures with some beautiful fall colours and a few dog pics here and there.  I'm missing the dogs actually, they've spent the weekend at my mom's, which she's been loving.  She took them all out for a walk together (all 4) and many people commented her out on her adventures.  The comments usually vary from caesar millan to "you should get another dog eh?!".

Anyways, I've got some tidying up to do and to make the boy dinner as I'm ordering pizza for the rest of us and he can't eat that...unfortunately for him, due to all the food allergies he has.

Here's some pictures from the weekend ;) xo

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