Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend in a few short words....

So this weekend turned into many firsts.. I played my first 9 holes of Golf and I also learned how to use my Espresso machine at home, all thanks to Jeff though, otherwise I'm sure I would have made a giant coffee grind mess. :P 

Friday night started off low-key.  I went home and then went to a meditation/yoga class with Danielle, which was exactly what I needed to kick start my weekend into a good mode. Or so I'd thought? lol  Friday night Greg came over and all ended up having an early night on the account that we were getting up early the next morning to be in Zephyr to play golf for the company tourney day.  It was a really nice day for it, we couldn't have asked for better weather, really.  It was pure jokes though.. I think I created more divits in the ground that hitting the balls.  I wasn't bad but certainly not a natural and it's not my sport, so to speak. LOL.  Jeff did well, of course doesn't he always, he excels at everything he does.  It was a really great day out, it rained a bit in the evening but the dinner back at Ann's was delish and such a beautiful spread she put together.  We ended up leaving around 7 I believe because I had the dogs to tend to back at home.

A picture of Dina on hole 4 or 5 I think it was...


Yes, I'm wearing a boa.

had a grab a shot of the big man in bed, I tucked him in of course, which he didn't mind in the least bit.. :)

I thnk that's all for now because I'm raving pissed off at this sad excuse of a human being that a friend of ours EX-gf is.  What a moron.  Regardless, all in all, a good weekend was had. :)

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