Monday, December 17, 2012

A million little pieces...

My heart is broken... Were probably going through the toughest patch we've ever been through. You see, I'm selfish, rude, inconsiderate, mean, a whack job.... I'm going to stop while I'm ahead.... We are mutually feeling a lot of similar things but what he feels supersedes far beyond how I am in this relationship. Just when exactly did I become or turn into this beast of a mean son of a bitch? How are you supposed to recover from this? When things have been said, really mean hurtful things? I don't know ... Am I just supposed to worry about how you feel and fuck this? Fuck me, because im a piece of shit nobody that nobody cares about? No wonder I have no friends, you've shown me why.

It's 647 am Monday morning and I just want to die right now. Slept for less than 4 hrs, I'm on the verge of tears and I simply don't feel like partaking in life today.

I pet sit this weekend, which was one thing that I did this weekend that was "fun". My other fun involved getting sick and vomiting my entire lovely dinner on Saturday night!

That's all I want to write I suppose for now, I feel sick to my stomach from the anxiety and tensions... Hate to say it but I'm not feeling very festive this year!


  1. Thanks Adelina, that's why I pet sit/dog walk - So many different breeds and personalities to meet, it's just so much fun :)


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