Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday musings..

I forgot to mention that I stayed home from work yesterday and worked remotely so that I could get to my follow up Doctor's appt yesterday.  Man, did I cramp the dogs' style, poor things just wanted to sleep and Momma was home.  The horror. LOL 

My altar of sorts.. Buddha, starfish and awesome candle. Oh and elephant, we can't forget that.  Elephant city at our place.... lol

Charlie and his beautiful eyes :swoon:

Poor Charlie, sleeping and I disturbed him.  Tragic, isn't it?  I was encroaching on their day of sleep. 

Baxter is a little slut....

Some of my favourite spots in our place... My Buddha, my inspiration plaque, some of my books, my DSWT calendar and a plant in the window my mother in law gave me.


  1. Oh Charlie. Oh Baxter. I just can't get enough!!

  2. Honestly, for the amount you blog about Sherman and I with my two dogs, we're a perfect match. LOL. Check out the furr-kids tab at the top, I've started going through a ton of albums and adding a bunch of dog pictures from when they were little to present. There are never enough puppy pictures. They make me smile :)


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