Saturday, December 29, 2012

Up north again

So I sit here and type away as Jeff and his dad shoot some paper practicing for IDPA drills. I left Jeff up at his parents on boxing day so I could come back down to our place to get into work Thursday and Friday. I left work early yesterday, took the dogs to moms to stay for the night and today and then made my way up north. I didn't make it before dark but I made grey time... Blew a headlight on the way up which explained why it seemed darker. I guess it wasn't just the dark, country road.

So today were at the indoor ranged or a bit, then we'll go back to Jeff's pare ys and make an early dinner/late lunch and head 'er back home tonight and get the kidlets from moms house 😍

I leave you with some pictures of Charlie the suck from the other night 😊

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