Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Saturday..

As I type this, we have Greg over making dinner for US in OUR kitchen.  Bit different but totally nice of him.  Steak, asparagus and gnocchi.  Looks and smells delicious!

Work has been crazy busy this past week and I'm glad it's done.  Deadlines were moved up and things had to be nit picked 78 times... But it's been submitted, approved.

I'm working from home on Monday, "working".  I brought home some things to work on that'll occupy me for a few hours I suppose, nothing too pressing.  Then I've got my follow up doctor appointment to find out the results from my ultrasound... I wonder if it's something or if it's my hormones changing or something else... we'll have to see, won't we.

Not sure what else to say so why don't we leave it here.

Namaste and have a wonderful weekend. xo

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