Monday, December 24, 2012

Life lately...

So it's Christmas Eve........................

I've eaten far too much chocolate, shortbread and chips in the last week, it's digusting.  I don't want anymore.  Any my Doritos, they're gone too.  I can't handle waking up and feeling like shit afterwards.  It's disgusting.

I'm at work today while the rest of the intelligent world is at home, off or their work has closed or the day has been given to them.  I must admit I felt little to be joyous about this morning as I schlepped my fat ass into work, one of maybe a handle of people that are here today.  But I disgress, I'm here, I'm getting some shit done, nothing that wouldn't normally be manageable during the average busy, noisy day.   The train was rather empty, as expected this morning as well.

The festivities ths week are as follows:  Take off from work somewhat earlier today, head home.  Then we'll have the evening to ourselves.  Tomorrow morning we're off to my mom's place for breakfast and to open gifts (the dogs will be staying with her til I get home on Wednesday).  Then, we drive up north to Jeff's parents place.  Have dinner, stay the night.  I'll be coming home on Wednesdayat some point, not sure if Jeff will be coming with or staying, but regardless, I have to work on Thursday so that's why I'm coming back so early.  I'll go and get the pups from my mom's house so it's too terribly lonely at home without Jeff there.. Then I suspect at some point Friday or Saturday I'll head up north and stay the weekend before heading back home on Sunday so that I can be in for December 31st at work. Exciting stuff, let me tell you!!

And yeah.  Don't get too all excited on me here.  I think I'll head home later and have some drinks, because there's nothing like some good cocktails. 


No idea why I'm posting this, but I feel like I look like a giant here.

Our Tree.  So pretty :)

Little Baxter :my little love:

Scary I know....

Oh just some random headstands...

Some of my 20 piercings.  You like that excema too?  I don't, I hate it!!!!

This was nappy time yesterday at the Flynn house.. :) Cute isn't it?

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