Thursday, December 6, 2012

Google Analytics

So I signed up for Google Analytics and let me tell you, I had to have several tabs opened to try and figure the shit out.  I use the stats feature through Blogger, but thought what the hell? Why not.  So I signed up for it, pasted the HTML coding in what I think was the right spots on my blog.  This was all helpful of course but some random google search I found of a man explaining how it worked and a walk through of how to set it up.  Well... I think you need a PhD in analytics.  Maybe I'm just stupid but it all seems to be much more complicated than it has to be.  I still have no stats populating, I don't know how that works or how quickly, I guess I'll shut that tab for today and check back tomorrow to see if all my efforts were for nothing.

On to my next thought.. I've been looking around at the various blogs that I read and while I may have chosen years ago to start blogging with Blogger, I perhaps should have tried WordPress?  But I'm not about to take on that endeavour at this point, not only do I not have the time, nor the wanton to figure that out and move everything over.  Even if you can do that.  What do I know?  But, in particular, since farting around on, I like how other people's blogs look more professional and less like a three year old threw it up on the web and called it a day.  Seriously though.  I don't know much more than very basic HTML so I'm limited to what I can do with the knowledge I have.  But her blog looks so nice.  Anyone have suggestions?  I don't want to pay someone to fix it up and make it nice looking, because frankly there are so few readers and I'd really only be doing it for myself.... Maybe I should just play around with it, I guess.  I become fearful that the changes I've made will royally fuck everything up so that's why I haven't toyed around with it much at all.


Still no stats.  Whatever.  lol

Peace~ xo

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